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Trish Crowe in The Studio

Trish Crowe

The 45th Annual Exhibition

Our 45th Annual Exhibition in Lynchburg opened May 3, 2024 in the beautiful Academy Center for the Arts at 600 Main Street. The paintings (approximately 100 chosen from nearly 500 submissions) will be on display from now until June 28, 2024. Juror Eric Weigardt, who led a fabulous workshop, straddled the challenging line between extraordinary painter and thoughtful teacher.

The paintings, hung by director Ted Batt in the Pat Harrington Gallery, are lit perfectly. As I prepared my remarks for the Annual Meeting, I was struck by the contrast between the exquisite art that surrounded me and the awareness that our country seems on the brink of an unknowable change. I wondered, how can one affect the other?

Inspired by the beauty in that gallery, I was reminded that we creative artists have a special calling and obligation. What we do is not frivolous or a mere hobby. The beauty of the Commonwealth of Virginia that we celebrate in our practice and express in the magic of our daily lives anchors us in peace and hope, and it is shared in this marvelous medium and in this venue.

I thank our Board as we add Terry Wylie as Vice-President, A.J. Eccles as Treasurer, and newly appointed Out of State Area Rep, Chee Kludt Ricketts to complete it. The Lynchburg Committee co-chaired by David Eakin and Laren Baum outdid themselves with full Southern hospitality at a pre-Members opening before the public one.

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2023 Exhibition Top Awards

Stark, Nancy - New York Central Lightning Stripe BEST IN SHOW, VWS Award
2023 BEST IN SHOW, VWS Award
Nancy Stark
"New York Central Lightning Stripe"
Jordan, Lou - An Inspiration of Hostas 2nd Place, Pat Lawson Award
2nd Place, Pat Lawson Award
Lou Jordan
"An Inspiration of Hostas"
Stuller, Susan - On Angel's Wings 3rd Place, Edward A Smith Award, Silver Brush Ltd.
3rd Place
Edward A. Smith Award, Silver Brush Ltd.
Susan Stuller
"On Angel’s Wings"


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