We are excited to announce the 42nd Annual Virginia Watercolor Society Exhibition! The exhibition is open to current members of the Virginia Watercolor Society only.

DEADLINE: March 15, 2021

Steps to Apply

  1. Make sure you are a current VWS member. (To tell if you are, click here.)
  2. Log in here if not already logged in.
  3. Click here to enter the 2021 Exhibition.

Additional Information:

Exhibition Calendar

Exhibition Prospectus (PDF)

Linda Daly Baker Workshop

2021 Exhibition Committee

CO-CHAIR: Marylou Andrews (vws.2021.exhibition@gmail.com)
CO-CHAIR: Charlie Lindauer (c.art@cox.net)
TREASURER: Damon Samuels

AWARDS: Charlie Lindauer, Theresa Wiggs, Tom Duntemann, Rita Smith
ENTRIES: Norene Spencer
HOSPITALITY: Rena Harmon, Pam Barcita, Mike Lane, Namiko Mahony
PUBLICITY: Gina Buzby (Chair), Erin Smyth, Michele Sorenson
WORKSHOP: Rowena Finn (Chair), Jeanie Hearst
EXHIBITION AND RECEIVING: Stephen Grunnets (PACC), Pete Mikulka, Barbara Mitchell

EX-OFFICIO CHAIRMEN: Garry-Lou Upton, John James, Karen Schwartz, Lynn Hosegood

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