VWS Exhibition Closed Temporarily!

12 July 2021: The air conditioning system at the Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center was inoperable and so, for the safety of our paintings, the museum closed our exhibit. Our paintings have been carefully moved to a nearby climate-controlled building for safe keeping until the Exhibition reopens.

Reopening will probably be in August, 2021.
Watch this space!

Meantime, we invite you to click on the blue buttons below to see the list of invited artists, the awards, and visit the gallery.

Congratulations to the 2021
VWS Exhibition Award Winners!

2021 Awards (PDF)
2021 Invited Artists (PDF)
2021 Invited Artists Gallery

2021 Exhibition Committee

CO-CHAIR: Marylou Andrews (vws.2021.exhibition@gmail.com)
CO-CHAIR: Charlie Lindauer (c.art@cox.net)
TREASURER: Damon Samuels

AWARDS: Charlie Lindauer, Theresa Wiggs, Tom Duntemann, Rita Smith
ENTRIES: Norene Spencer
HOSPITALITY: Rena Harmon, Pam Barcita, Mike Lane, Namiko Mahony
PUBLICITY: Gina Buzby (Chair), Erin Smyth, Michele Sorenson
WORKSHOP: Rowena Finn (Chair), Jeanie Hearst
EXHIBITION AND RECEIVING: Stephen Grunnets (PACC), Pete Mikulka, Barbara Mitchell

EX-OFFICIO CHAIRMEN: Garry-Lou Upton, John James, Karen Schwartz, Lynn Hosegood

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