Scarf Lady-Tracy Budd

Scarf Lady
28" x 34"

Tracy Budd


I stumbled upon this model in Maine. She was hanging her hand-painted scarves and they were dancing in the breeze. I was especially interested in painting the transparency of the scarves. I've painted her several times, as artists do when they find a good model.

Artist Statement
Everywhere I look, I see a painting. I'm attracted to strong shapes, shadow, and light. Texture making in layers is a big part of my painting process. The longer I paint, I've come to realize that for me, regardless of subject matter, I'm trying to paint a sophisticated surface.

Tracy Budd is a teacher of layered acrylics and collage at The Studio School in Roanoke, Virginia. She was co-owner of Signature 9 Gallery in Roanoke, Virginia. An award-winning artist, Tracy exhibits her work locally, regionally, and nationally.