Wheels of Time

Wheels of Time
Watercolor on Watercolor Paper
20" x 24"

Sally Lee


The decaying wagon wheels and plows of a bygone era languish in a boneyard of the Chippokes Plantation in Virginia. They remind us that the wheels of time are forever turning.

Artist Statement
Every so often, I come upon a scene that has a profound effect on me emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. I suddenly want to capture the mystical quality that has taken hold of me, transform it, then somehow release it back into the world to be experienced by others. That, to me, is the purpose of art.

When in the studio, striving to recreate that emotional, physical, and spiritual euphoria, I draw upon the magnificence of nature. But I also find a great deal of meaning in the world created by mankind, whether in the realm of architecture or in the simple objects of our day-to-day existence. I love the grandeur of a landscape, seascape, or cityscape. But a still life can speak volumes about the human experience.

Sally Lee believes that surrounding oneself with beauty in all its forms is good for the soul. Her work encompasses scenes from nature, but also reflects the best of man-made aesthetics, particularly in the field of architecture.

Married to a Navy man, she found the demands of supporting a military family left her with little time to create art while her children were young, but eventually, she was able to indulge her desire to learn to paint. Her favorite medium is watercolor, with its proclivity for unexpected delights. 

A self-taught artist, she has benefitted from the wisdom of online instructors and authors of books. She has also enjoyed workshops given by Anne Abgott and Fred Graff, among others.

She belongs to the Chesapeake Bay Watercolorists, Southside Artists Association, and the Virginia Watercolor Society. She has had her work displayed in a variety of venues, including the Springfield Museum of Art in Ohio.