Sing-Perri Mason

21" x 18"


Perri Mason

Facebook: Perri Mason Watercolor Artist
Instagram: @perriart

"Sing" was painted using a reference photo that I took of the doors of the old middle school that I attended in 1971. After sitting empty for over 30 years, it will be renovated into a boutique hotel for the small town of Bedford, VA. I was attracted to the large green doors now faded to a soft turquoise and riddled with intricate cracks, and also to the rusty texture of the door handle and the lock. On that early fall evening, the light seemed to emphasize the future possibilities of the old building.

"Sing" represents the resurrection and renewal that is always possible for all who seek it.

Artist Statement
My favorite medium to use is watercolor, and I love all its challenges and surprises! Painting allows me to take the chaos of the outside world and slow it down. To focus on my subject matter and create my vision using only pigment and water is my personal form of meditation. Painting layer upon layer of transparent watercolor glazes gives me the depth of light that I see in my subject and enables me to share that vision with my audience.

Perri Mason is an artist from Bedford, VA whose primary medium is watercolor, although she also creates in acrylics and pencil and dabbles in mosaics. She attended Radford University, where she received her degree in Studio Art and a minor in Education in 1982.

After graduating, she taught art in public schools, worked as an artist in a screen printing company, and sold art supplies for various retailers.

Currently, she has a studio on the third floor of the Bower Center for the Arts in Bedford. At the Bower Center, she is an instructor, is active on the exhibit committee, and is also on the Board of Directors. She has been a member of the VWS since 2013.

Perri accepts commissions, and her watercolor pet portraits have become a specialty in her work.