Relics-Marti Franks

16" x 20"

Marti Franks

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The look here in “Relics” is that of gritty character. I am always attracted to places both urban and rural that show that well-used look, even if long forgotten.

Artist Statement
I am a watercolorist who loves color. My main focus for the last 10 years has been drawing with ink and painting with watercolors. I love the feel that ink gives to the painting.

I focus on cityscapes that show buildings of character. Places that are often off the beaten path but are popular with the natives and have that well-used look. I look for the same character in rural areas. Often, a filling station or a home in a rural area has that gritty look that I so enjoy painting.

I have been painting watercolors for about 20 years. I live in Richmond, VA and in the beginning, primarily painted pretty scenes and florals. After several trips to Europe, I developed a fondness for buildings old and well used. Places that exemplified character. I began to focus my paintings on cityscapes and rural areas that show years of living. Some were once well-loved but now are relics. I have taken many workshops with internationally known artists. I learn something from each one.