River Rocks-Liz Castellanoking

River Rocks
16" x 22"

Lizabeth Castellano-King

Instagram: lizcastellanoking
Facebook: Liz Castellano-King

River Rocks 2021 | 16 x 22 Watercolor | Arches 200# paper
While visiting my daughter in Anchorage, Alaska I took numerous photos that I envisioned as awesome watercolors, River Rocks being one of them. The colorful rocks submerged below glacier waters caught my eye and offered a great challenge that I feel I captured. The movement of the water and the hint of submerged rocks alongside the brightly colored rocks on the sandy shore offered a contrast that creates an angular divide through the painting, a yin and yang existence.

The viewer’s eye moves with the water from the upper left into the shoreline, skimming the gems of color, and continues downward along the shoreline, moving out with the water as it continues its journey. A calm movement created with textures and color.

Artist Statement
A native New Yorker, I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, with a degree in Illustration/Graphic Design. After graduation, I worked as a Freelance Illustrator in NYC for many years until I married a Marine Corps officer. I was fortunate to experience living in numerous countries over a 22-year period, an opportunity that allowed me to explore and develop my love for watercolors.

The subjects I choose today present a certain amount of detail, creating a challenge for me to capture in my paintings. My style is largely photorealism. From photos of my subject, I’ll adjust the composition/color on the computer for the final design. Using transparent colors, my paintings consist of multiple glazes that bring out the brilliance/detail. Some paintings may take upwards of 60 hours to complete. Self-taught, I continue to learn about this incredible medium, striving to grow in creativity and techniques.