A Sunny Day in Giverny-Linda Wallace-Blau

A Sunny Day in Giverny
27" x 21"

Instagram: @lindawallaceblau

I was inspired by a visit to Monet's garden in Giverny. I love painting flowers, and the many varieties and layers of flowers in the garden and their intense colors challenged me to show the depth and dimensions of the subject.

Artist Statement
I take my inspiration from my environment. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects including flowers, animals, and portraits. I love the vibrancy of watercolors and the visual effects you can achieve by taking advantage of the transparency of the paint. I like to experiment with new techniques and to achieve new methods of expression.

I am a former teacher and have taught art at the high school and elementary school levels. I retired from teaching to start my own business and spent a few years as an entrepreneur. Now that I have fully retired, I missed my daily contact with the arts and decided to take up watercolor painting. I used to paint regularly when I was a student but had put my brushes aside as work and family came to occupy more of my time. I discovered that I still have a passion for painting and have re-developed those dormant skills.