Carrots of Many Colors-Linda Wright

Carrots of Many Colors

Honorable Mention Award

Sponsored by Shenandoah Watercolor Society

28" x 37"

Instagram: lindawrightjafra

I remember the moment when I saw these carrots displayed on a turquoise tablecloth at a Farmer's Market in LA. The farmer captured the beauty of his carrots in his artistic display. I pulled out my camera and knew I would paint these lovelies someday.

Artist Statement
I love color! A sunset, a sky filled with clouds, vegetables and fruits (especially those displayed at farmer’s markets). Watercolors, especially pure pigment and transparent glazes, help me create the multiple colors I see in nature and in foods. It’s fun when I hear people say, "That’s a watercolor??” My intention is that viewers will feel joy and perhaps take a fresh look at the vegetables they see in their markets.

Colonial Beach-based artist, Linda Wright began her art journey in 1996 after a heart episode. She asked herself, “What does my heart need?”

As a child, she loved art, so becoming a student again was a good place to start. The Art League in Alexandria supplied her with talented teachers. She studied drawing, pastels, and printmaking; however, watercolor spoke to her heart.

After moving to Warrenton, she began to study with Petra Gerber, a gifted artist known for her three-dimensional realism and high-impact color. “Petra challenged me to paint big and bold,” she says.

Her studies led her to the work of Mark Rothko. Although Linda’s work leans toward realism, her love of abstraction is where she goes to connect with deeper emotions.

Linda’s watercolors have received awards and recognition in NOVA. Her paintings have graced the kitchens and walls of friends and new fans. She has taught privately and also for the VA Governor’s School. She is a member of VWS and in her words, "an eternal student.” Linda states, "Color transforms the way we feel," which led her to study and become certified in Advanced Make-up Artistry during Covid.

One of her many inspirational quotes comes from Julia Cameron: "Leap and the net will appear!”