Poison Free-Kimberly Ferguson

Poison Free
26" x 32"


Poison Free — the artist paints the artist. My subject remained poison free when it was an unpopular choice. She never felt herself beautiful — I had to paint just how beautiful she is! Watercolor is the perfect medium to take life to art and to showcase my “cool beans” girl!!

Artist Statement
I was once asked to explain who I was, not what I was, as an artist. I think who we are is naturally reflective in our work. I love/live to draw and to see water and pigment flow and play together until it rests in a complement to my project, or when the happy accident completely changes my direction. Ahh....watercolor.

I'm relatively new to the creative scene. I am just finding my watercolor mojo. My process is one hundred percent connecting to my painting, finding the zone, drawing, thumbnails, design — slapping paint until it comes to be! For me, the creative process is emotionally charged. That is usually how I choose my subject— that emotional connection.

Currently, my focus is commissioned work, life to art, cool stuff!! Home is Clarksville, Virginia with my husband and rescue hound Reuben. Life is grand - painting and loving friends and family!!