Bioluminescence-Kat Jamieson

16" x 20"

Kat Jamieson


Bioluminescent algae blooms are naturally occurring phenomena. But global warming is seen by scientists as a prime culprit behind their growth in recent years, forcing worldwide waters to glow anew.

This "sea light" is an eerie, beautiful sight, but also a grave threat to other sea life. Brilliant masses of these tiny creatures consume toxic algae from runoffs and other pollution, releasing poisonous ammonia and other gases. They also use large amounts of oxygen, depleting surrounding waters. Scientists don’t expect these growths will subside.

Kat Jamieson devotes her energy as an artist to creating atmospheric watercolors and original studio jewelry in silver. Painting and metalsmithing are both joyful to her, especially working with the fluidity found in each material and process: metals, pigments, fire, and water.

Kat has shown award-winning artwork in juried exhibitions with the Arlington Artists Alliance, Springfield Art Guild, Gloucester VA Arts on Main, Pleiades and Ladysmiths Jewelry Showcases, and in group and individual shows at Gallery Underground in Arlington. She has a BFA from MICA (The Maryland Institute College of Art) and a career in creative communications for large international non-profits. She is an active member of Studio 10 Artists, the Arlington Artists Alliance, and The Art League in Alexandria, VA.