Amy Reclining-Karen Anderson Schwartz

Amy Reclining (Odalisque)
22" x 29"
NFS ($750 value)

Karen Schwartz


This is a painting of my daughter, Amy, reclining on my mother's antique sofa in the Odalisque style.

Artist Statement
I've been drawing since I was a small child - I used to draw on the blank fly-leaves in some of my father's books. I remember declaring on the school bus as we passed the home of Walter Lantz (Woody Woodpecker) that I, too, was going to be an artist when I grew up. I majored in art in college and have always had creative projects going on, but I didn't start painting seriously until 1996 when a friend gave me a Dough Walton workshop as a gift. I've been painting ever since...

I was born and raised in California, attended college at California State University at Hayward, and graduated from San Diego State University with a major in Fine Arts and a concentration in Painting & Printmaking.

We moved to Williamsburg in 1981 when my husband joined the Government Department at the College of William & Mary. I started working at W&M in 1998 after my son started high school. There, I learned web development and web design and worked for 18 years in the office of Institutional Analysis & Effectiveness until I retired in 2016. Meanwhile, I took art classes from various local and nationally known artists, working part-time so I could afford to take classes and buy art supplies.

I designed the original VWS website and developed a membership management application which I still use to manage the VWS membership, as well as the membership and other programs for the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center where I am a member of the board of directors.