Tobacco Frenzy.Judith Gray

Tobacco Frenzy
21 1/2" x 19 3/4"

Judith Gray


A colorful conglomerate of differing shapes and shadows representing cigar wrappers representative of those supplied by my husband.

Artist Statement
When approaching my retirement as a Nurse Practitioner, I began taking art classes in 2006 to include drawing, photography, and painting in watercolor. Traveling with my sketchbook encourages documenting those sights and experiences. Watercolor seems to be the most reflective of the memories, and resources used for my paintings. I find beauty and intrigue in the old, aged, rusted, and mundane and is reflected in the current painting "Tobacco Frenzy." Tools and manhole covers are also included in my portfolio.

To continue to advance my art, I am a member of the VWS, PVW, BWS, workshops, and ongoing classes in watercolor. To quote David Leffel, watercolor allows "light flowing and drifting over surfaces"...creating a special magic...

I have been painting in watercolor since 2010 and have been in several juried watercolor shows, receiving several awards. I belong to VWS, PVW, and BWS.