Peonies in Glory-Jacqueline Saunders

Peonies in Glory
Watercolor and Graphite
22" x 22"

Jackie Saunders

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I was excited by the exploding forms of the peonies and the beauty of the delicate pinks. I decided to paint loosely, suggesting their fullness with washes of warm and cool pinks, minimizing individual petal definition.

Artist Statement
I begin my painting with loose, gestural contour lines in graphite. I work "semi-blind," keeping my hand anchored to the paper, recording the movement of my eyes around and through the subject. I paint in a similar manner, keeping my eye on the subject and allowing my brush to caress and develop the forms. I often let pure pigments mix on the paper.

I received a Bachelor's degree in Art from the Catholic University of America and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arkansas. I have taught gesture drawing and watercolor classes at the Art League School in Alexandria for many years.