Grosbeak-Gary Huff

18" x 22"

Gary Huff


Watercolor painting of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, a colorful bird seen sometimes in Virginia.

Gary Huff was born and raised in Winchester, Virginia. Ever since he can remember, he has been drawing and painting. In the ninth grade, Gary took the “draw me” Art Instruction Schools correspondence course that taught him a lot about color, composition, and all the other aspects of being a good artist.

After high school, he went to art school in Cleveland, Ohio, and then into the Navy for four years. After that, he went to VCU in Richmond and took instructions in illustration and graphic design under some of the best. Upon graduation, Gary worked in ad agencies, studios and freelanced as an illustrator for many years, doing work for numerous national newspapers, magazines, and books such as The Washington Post, Science magazines, U.S. Postal Service, General Electric, and many others.

Currently, he has his own graphic design studio and works as much as he can on watercolor paintings.