Requies-Chee Kludt Ricketts

Watercolor on Yupo
21" x 25" framed

Chee Ricketts

Recent circumstances have caused me to reflect on death and its aftermath. This painting - based on remembrances of a visit to an English country churchyard - speaks of timelessness and serenity. Although the passage of time has eroded and uprooted some of the grave markers, the aged church stands as a lasting monument to the memory of lives loved and lost. The brilliant, bleached sunlight on the architectural forms of the church creates an ever-changing shadow-play that echoes the temporal nature of our days. The title, Requies, signifies a place of quiet, eternal rest.

Artist Statement
My goals as a painter are straightforward: to interpret and inspire, rather than merely record. I do this by simplifying details with quick brushwork and by intensifying the relationship between light and shadow. It is my hope that viewers immerse themselves in my paintings, affording them a bridge to their own experiences.

A native of Camden, South Carolina and a graduate of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, I have been a Virginian since my college days. Today, I live on a farm in the foothills of Greene County where the mountains of the Blue Ridge rise almost from my back yard. The natural world that surrounds me provides inspiration for my paintings and a life-long enduring love of architectural forms continues to engage my attention.

Much of my life has been devoted to teaching art to students of all ages in public, private, and museum school settings. Currently, in addition to teaching on Zoom, I devote as much studio time as possible to exploration with various painting media. For me, there is still much to learn and from which to gain inspiration.