Virginia Watercolor Society

VWS Exhibition Closed Temporarily!

20 June 2021: The air conditioning system at the Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center is inoperable and so, for the safety of our paintings, the museum has closed our exhibit until July 15th, when, hopefully, the cooling system will be fixed. Our paintings have been carefully moved to a nearby climate-controlled building for safe keeping until the Exhibition reopens.

We are so disappointed about this unfortunate situation!

Meantime, we invite you to click on the blue buttons below to see the list of invited artists and visit the gallery.

2021 Invited Artists (PDF)
2021 Invited Artists Gallery

Elaine Nunnally, President

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2021 Exhibition Sponsors

Bald Guy Studio
Blick Art Materials
Brutis's Catering
Cardinal Canteen
Chesapeake Bay Watercolorists
Baltimore Watercolor Society
Commodore Theatre
Gourmet Gang
Holbein Artist Materials
Jerry's Artarama
League of Roanoke Artists
M. Graham
The Moody Hues
Peninsula Watercolor Society
QoR Watercolor
RFFinn Art
Renaissance Hotel Portsmouth-Norfolk Waterfront Hotel
Southside Artists Association
Trinity Episcopal Church
Towne Bank
WHAT Industries


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